Thursday, 14 March 2013

Tutorial - Easy Baby Hairband and Sandals Set

We received a lot of requests on how to make Baby Hairband and Sandals. We sell Completed Hairbands in our shop but most moms prefer to buy Elastic Trims and Ribbons or Flowers to make their own.
Items that are handmade ourselves are more satisfying and pleasing.

You need :
1mtr Elastic Trim
3pc Flowers
small piece of Felt
Glue and a Toothpick or Thread and Needle

Sandal 01 photo TutorialBabyHairbandampSandal01w.jpg

First, measure the size of baby foot and ankle. Subtract 10cm to make allowance for stretch.
I cut 2 pieces of 25cm Elastic. Cut 4 pieces of Felt measuring 2cm x 3cm.

Sandal 02 photo TutorialBabyHairbandampSandal02w.jpg

Fold the Elastic Trim into a figure-8 as shown. Apply some Glue at the join or sew with thread and needle.

Sandal 03 photo TutorialBabyHairbandampSandal03w.jpg

Now glue the Felt strips to the Front and Back to secure the join area.

Sandal 04 photo TutorialBabyHairbandampSandal04w.jpg

For the Hairband, cut Elastic Trim to 35cm and glue the join together. Cut another piece of Elastic Trim to 2cm to wrap around join area if you wish to attach Flower to Single Prong Clip.

Sandal 05 photo TutorialBabyHairbandampSandal05w.jpg

Alternatively, you can glue the Flower to the Elastic Hairband at the join area and glue a strip at the back to secure.

Sandal 06 photo TutorialBabyHairbandampSandal06w.jpg

Voila! Isn't it easy?

Sandal 07 photo TutorialBabyHairbandampSandal07w.jpg

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