Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Tulle 6"

CODE: Tulle 01
PRICE: RM10.50 / 22.5mtr 

CODE: Tulle 02
PRICE: RM10.50 / 22.5mtr 

Light Pink 
CODE: Tulle 03
PRICE: RM10.50 / 22.5mtr 

Light Blue 
CODE: Tulle 04
PRICE: RM10.50 / 22.5mtr 

CODE: Tulle 05
PRICE: RM10.50 / 22.5mtr 

CODE: Tulle 06
PRICE: RM10.50 / 22.5mtr 

Royal Blue 
CODE: Tulle 07
PRICE: RM10.50 / 22.5mtr 

Medium Pink
CODE: Tulle 08
PRICE: RM10.50 / 22.5mtr 

CODE: Tulle 09
PRICE: RM10.50 / 22.5mtr 

CODE: Tulle 10 
PRICE: RM10.50 / 22.5mtr 

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Happy New Year & Thank You!

Happy New Year and Thank You from all of us at Ani Wasabi. We are excited to begin 2015 by giving away 3 mystery prizes worth more than RM2,000. Just complete the 4 steps below by midnight 10th January 2015 (Saturday):

1. LIKE US on Facebook;
2. SHARE US on Facebook with as many friends as you have;
3. TAG US on Facebook to as many people as you can;
4. Complete the sentence in either English or Malay:
“I love to shop at Ani Wasabi because …”
“Saya suka membeli-belah di Ani Wasabi kerana ….”

Judging Criteria:

One winner will be chosen for completing STEPS 1, 2 and 3.

For Creative Writing
Two winners will be chosen for most creative slogans.

Our Mystery Gift Winner (ended 23rd December 2014) is ..........

Good morning everyone!! Our mystery gift winner is Fareha Aziz. Your gift is on the way!
Thank you everyone for your support. Please stay tune for more contests, and visit us at aniwasabi.com for exciting promotions and offers.